Friday, May 7, 2010


Why are we suppose to title anything that we journal/blog about? Why should we begin sentences with capital letters? Why does it bug me if I don't use as close to correct punctuation as possible? Why do people always capitalize the word I but not the word you? Welp, forget it. It's going out the window. NOW.

ok forget the fact that i realize Yall might disagreance w/me bout all this? its my blogspot, my front porch' sometimes i wonder if a person with natural born mis-wiring and mis-firing ever truly has a time come at some point later in life where they dont really experience it anymore~ it"s true>You have no idea and neither do i about why im writing this{ point is that there isn%t one. i just am so glad to be done with school for the semester and over the hurdle of math050$ im grateful about it too funny since my teacher held up my final test for me to see my score my mind seems to have immediately went n has since been on shut down+

shut down is for factories when they are doing building repairs n crap like that=

shut down ` anyways i so like my new job and cannnnnot seem to go to sleep for thinking} i :rise n shine: this morning at 3/30am n have not got really sleepy yet; going to be a great event to work{ next best thing to participating in it-

guess i better go get a morning shower n consider what to do next^ soooo. signing off til next years blog journal now?