Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Beauty Of The Mountain

From the surface, it seems so dry and enormous. So much to learn, tame, and conquer. Learning survival is a must to overcome the mountainous ranges that stand ahead. One must decide what tools to carry along, according to what he/she believes serves best for his/her journey. Character can be transformed in the climb. Spirit can be stregthened or broken in the climb. Mind can be shattered or enlightened in the climb.
Life is full of mountains. Standing at the bottom can be a great experience. But, after so long of standing and/or journeying around the base of the mountain one develops the high potential become conditioned and rigid. To prevent the process of stagnation, one must begin to climb.
Not all paths are already drilled or cut out for the climber. There are times when the climber must work at claering and going about his/her own path. There are other times when previous climbers have been there and have already cut out a pathway which can serve as use to the current climber. Sometimes these pre-made paths serve and sometimes they don't. Reasoning varies from stregnth of the ledge or rock vs. weight of the current climber, etc... When this occurs, the climber must establish a plan, in which he/she must use his/her own tools, and work as best as he/she knows how to make a safe step to the next height of the mountain, which in the end still puts the current and past climbers having all reached for the same goal...the top of the mountain.
Sometimes it's nice to stop, rest, and observe on the way up. In these times, a lot can be learned and it can be a great time of restoration for the rest of the journey.
At the top of each mountain, the eagle's eye view makes the long climbs worth it all. Looking downward, the climber doesn't neccessarily count the steps it took to get to the top, but most likely recalls each increase in drive to push on upward.
Enjoy each journey. They are never as long as they seem.
"Til next time,
Love and peace,


  1. Great Post Girl! I kinda feel right now I am that rage that's under the mountain before it blows ! Haven't begun to climb yet .. great post and picture

  2. Thank you, Dar:) If i understand how you mean that, I can relate. If you realize that I don't understand though, please correct me:) I wander sometimes, lately especially, why "Scotty" doesn't just beam me on up out of here. Sounds selfish? well, it's true..selfish or not. God knows how I mean it. Anyways, the short of it is this; sometimes you just have to hang in (even if it is under or inside the mountain. Sometimes, you just have to hang on (especially when your on a "cliff" by a thread). Other times, it's best just to hang out. Regardless of which direction you're hanging, just hang loose, but don't let go:) I'm hanging loose with you, ma'am:)
    Thank you for the compliment on the picture. I took it from a small plane when we were flying to the Grand Canyon. Sometimes, I just wish I lived there:):)