Friday, September 18, 2009

Some Things Learned, Others Yet To Come

So far in life, I've learned a lot things and while I don't believe that when I die I can take what wisdom I have with me, I do believe it's with me and is a big part of what can shape my life while I'm on this earth. Of course I believe I can have "all the wisdom in the world", but without it being put to use I remain in ignorance.

Although philosophies and parables have almost always held my interest, I have learned that to know them is only but to know about them, but to live them is to understand them. I have learned that the idea of what wisdom is is among other things to be disagreed upon. I've learned that what one person calls ignorance, another calls bliss. On the other hand, I've learned that to some ignorance is bliss.

I've learned that while "silence is golden", it is also enlightening. I've learned that saying less is more. I've learned that many people, including myself (many times in the past), fear and dist-trust silence. I've learned that I appreciate silence more than elevator or B.S. conversation. I've learned that the only time I really enjoy words anymore is when they being spoken between God and me, and that I enjoy the casual words when most only when I am with my love and my family. (That's why I save them up for special occasions of spending time with them:):)

Now, my tribute to silence:

Until next time,
Love is peace,

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  1. Merry Christmas Girl and Have a very Blessed New Year.