Monday, June 15, 2009

Jesus and Koolaid: 25 cents

On our way to the post office, we saw two little girls, who looked to be between seven and ten years old, in their front yard holding a little sign that read "Koolaid for sale. 25 cents." I told "E", "we are going to go back by there and buy some koolaid from them and then tip them really good. We have a lot of loose change in here and I know it will make there day to make "a lot of money all at once."

As we were approaching, we saw a couple walking away from them. As soon as we pulled into their driveway, they ran over to our truck and said, "Do you have money? Do you have money?" We giggled and told them yes and that we really wanted to buy some of their koolaid. They were so adorable and their sweet little faces were very intent. They carefully poured us two tall cups of red koolaid (which was actually very good) and said, "it's 25 cents." "E" handed them 50 cents and then said, "o.k., now we're gonna give you a tip, too." I told them there was $1.46 in change for them and the look on their faces and in their eyes was priceless. As "E" handed it to them, those babies faces looked like they had just hit the lottery. They were wide-eyed and their little faces were glowing. They said thank you and we wished them well on the rest of their sales. As we pulled away, I told "E" to look; they had quickly "abandoned ship" of their sales and went running and yelling through their front door. They ran right back out with two little boys trailing behind them with a look of dis-belief. I got all teary eyed and almost cried because my heart was so touched and happy to see those babies excitement just bouncing off of the front yard trees.
"E" and I giggled and enjoyed our koolaid all the way home. It was such a precious, wholesome, and blessing experience.

A few days later, I was walking my four-legged little girl, whose name is LiddyRae, and we saw those little girls. They asked if they could pet my doggie and, of course, LiddyRae and I were both happy to oblige them. While they petted, talked to, and hugged on my little LiddyRae, I asked if they were going to sell anymore koolaid. They answered, "Yes, but we're going to have to sell invisible koolaid. We wanted to sale blue but we're all out, so it'll be invisible, but it's good, too." Again my heart smiled at their sweetness and their barefoot homeliness. I told them I would would do my best to get over there and buy some more of their good ole' koolaid. Before I left, I asked them if they were saving for anything particular. They said, "Yes, we want to go to _______ Beach, so we're trying to make some money so we can go." I thanked them for loving on my little "doggie" and they were so mannerly in saying, "Your welcome."

Do we only see the children who are around us? or do we really see them? Do we take the time to intentionally hear what they are saying? Not just from the mouth, but from their hearts. I felt so honored to be a part of their day and blessed to be able to extend some happiness and laughter their way.

I believe that when we look into the eyes of small children, if we really look, we can see Jesus. Have you ever tried it? I have and I saw him just the other day in the eyes of those two little girls. Take time to bless a child, God, and yourself.

'Til next time,
Love, peace, and PB&J


  1. Oh sis! That is just beautiful! I love your posts!

  2. That is beautiful!! Children certianly are a gift from God and can teach us so so much! Hope they sell alot of koolaide and get that trip to the beach!