Monday, June 22, 2009

Popping Heads Off

We moved to a whole new area of our state, oh, about a month ago. While I wasn't so attached to our house and downsizing to an apartment, I was pretty attached to and grieving the loss of our good-sized yard, especially the fenced in back yard. That's where my four-legged babygirl

grew-up and got to run and mostly be free. It's also where I landscaped a small area with beautiful Hostas, some kind of pretty tall grassy green bush, Daylillies, a Lavender plant, and a couple of others, along with pretty River Rock. It was my closest sanctuary to home, with nature.

We had plenty of time in moving, so I decided that I wasn't leaving my nature babies behind. They were at least going to stay in the family, if I couldn't take them all with me. So, what I was able to move and plant in the new place was my tall grassy green bush, a green Arborvida looking small shrub, and two small plants that bloom beautiful purple blooms for a short time.

Of course, I'm sure they experienced some shock in the one hour + trip, but I got them into the ground with plenty of potting soil underneath and all around them (hoping they will survive- although I think they will). The tall green grassy bush has turned brown on several blades, and my two little plants that bloom purple blooms turned mostly brown, right away, while the shrub seems to be perfectly content.

Today, I figured that maybe I should take the brown leaves off of the two little plants and "pop the heads off" of the brown blooms, thinking maybe that will help ensure their healthy return next year.

As I begin to pop the brown blooms off, I felt a little sad as I thought about my previous yard. Then, I got to thinking about how we, as people, so easily verbally "pop" each others head off, sometimes. Wow. I thought, you know, it's a shame that when people do that to others it doesn't always help them to come back as a stronger and healthier person. You know? If it did, we would all be kind to each other (those of us who have seen lots of years, especially) and we'd be sooo healthy-minded that we wouldn't feel the need to "snap".

I decided that I am choosing to be like a plant. From now on, when anyone "pops" or "snaps" my head off, I am going to continuosly remind and tell myself that I have the option to be even stronger than them or the situation itself by simply using the growing act of kindess.

My mama always told us, "Honey, kindness kills." As I have grown each year, I have come to realize that she was very right.

I choose to grow and be healthy. I hope you choose that, too:)

'Til next time,

Love, peace, & PB&J

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  1. Dearest, that is just beautiful! I am so glad you have entered the blog world. YOu have so much to offer and I just love what you write! Keep it up!